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Date: October 3rd
Time: 4:00 PM Eastern Time.
Attendees will receive a special token of our appreciation.
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-- located at 128 Main Street, Acton MA

jones 1890 350Purchased in 1964, by the Iron Work Farm in Acton, the main part of the Tavern, originally home to the Jones family of South Acton, was built in 1732 as a house for Samuel Jones, Jr.

By 1750 it had become a tavern and general store. It is speculated to be the first store in Acton and holds the distinction of being the town’s longest established business, merging into James Tuttle’s store in 1845 and operating under various names until 1950.

*Jones Tavern photo circa 1890


Jones Tavern - Early 20th Century

Jones Tavern early 20th century