IronWorkFarm Open Tap Room gentlemen crop reverse 300You're Invited - Annual Meeting & 'Self-Serve' Tap Room

Date: October 3rd
Time: 4:00 PM Eastern Time.
Attendees will receive a special token of our appreciation.
Registration required - your confirmation email will have Zoom call details.


Whether or not you are currently an Iron Work Farm member, please make a donation to support stewardship of these historic treasures.  You can use our secure PayPal account, either by using your personal account, or credit card. Or, if you prefer you can send in a donation by mail.

Projects underway and/or planned for include:

  • Creating public accessibility to Faulkner House - project goal $150,000
  • Software for cataloging the museum collections - purchase goal $5,000
  • Window restoration - $1,700+/window
  • Wedding dress conservation - $4,500
  • Fire remediation at Jones Tavern - $-unknown

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